( 6 avril, 2011 )

Forgive me

No one in this place, just me and this paper sheet 

I think it’s the right time to let my heart talk

Take a sit, take a deep breath and open your years up.

I know it’s gonna hurt you , you probably going to cry and then hate me…

Listen baby, my heart was an island where the only one living person was you

But now, I’ve started to build a bridge to another world

Yes, I know what I’m saying to you.

In this new world, i’m the one who’s happy, I’m the one who is loved and the one who is receiving plenty of love and caring.

I’m sorry again, but it’s not the same now and you know that, 

I don’t love you as much as I used to so,

It’s better to let our ways be seperated now, before we suffer too much

I don’t want to lie to you anymore babe…

Don’t be too mad at me because we both know what’s wrong with our relationship

Is arguing all night and day long really useful? i don’t think so 

Don’t cry too much, you will find someone better and nicer

We though we were meant to be but we were wrong !

Our destiny is not written with the same ink


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