( 6 avril, 2011 )

The end of the road

Sorrow in my eyes, i’m trying to punish you

But deep inside, it’s hard for me to let it go

You’ve betrayed me once but I can’t do the same

I’d rather cry like a child than hurt you like a coward

Do what you want to but things are gone too far…

I know you love me but she loves me too and even more

She’s new in my life, she brought smiles and fun

In the same time, you don’t stop knocking me out

Do I have to choice between joy and sadness?

Understand me and let me do my things

Your name ain’t no more on my lips and in my heart

I’m starting a new life where love rules again.

Will you let me leave and live my life or kill me even more?

Everything is blur in my mind because of her

But I knew this day will come, I know better now

I just want to be alone and rest for a while

My former life was so much better,

Who knew love would make me drop so many tears ?

Please, go your way I’ll go mine and we’ll be fine.


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