( 6 avril, 2011 )

Forgive me

No one in this place, just me and this paper sheet 

I think it’s the right time to let my heart talk

Take a sit, take a deep breath and open your years up.

I know it’s gonna hurt you , you probably going to cry and then hate me…

Listen baby, my heart was an island where the only one living person was you

But now, I’ve started to build a bridge to another world

Yes, I know what I’m saying to you.

In this new world, i’m the one who’s happy, I’m the one who is loved and the one who is receiving plenty of love and caring.

I’m sorry again, but it’s not the same now and you know that, 

I don’t love you as much as I used to so,

It’s better to let our ways be seperated now, before we suffer too much

I don’t want to lie to you anymore babe…

Don’t be too mad at me because we both know what’s wrong with our relationship

Is arguing all night and day long really useful? i don’t think so 

Don’t cry too much, you will find someone better and nicer

We though we were meant to be but we were wrong !

Our destiny is not written with the same ink


( 6 avril, 2011 )


I can feel you here by my side

Can smell your body all over the place

it’s unbelievable how hot are your eyes

Feels like taking off my cloths, but…

you ain’t there !

You just left me 2 days ago

but I’m still here waiting for you, lonely and insane

It’s more and more strange but I feel you here

right here whereas you are in HIS arms.

How can I live without you, how can I build a new life?

Baby, you knew you were my north, now I’m lost each hours a lil bit more

But, you don’t want to get back to me

Why? tell me why? I’m so sorry… I never wanted this to go so far,

But this girl fool me

I’m guilty and hopeless…

I think I’m gonna let me die…


( 6 avril, 2011 )

Ta Vison…

Premier regard, premier frisson

Ton sourire me libère de ma prison

Dont personne connu l’existence,

Tu passes, me frôle et je m’envole

De ma partition, tu es la clé de sol

Pourquoi ne t’ai je rencontré avant?

Mes espoirs renaissent à chacun de tes sourires

j’aimerais tant dans tes bras, mourir

La passion renait de ses cendres,

Tendres moments passés à tes cotés, 

Tu es pour moi cette source de jouvence.

Tu ravives en moi cette flamme éteinte depuis si longtemps.

( 6 avril, 2011 )

The end of the road

Sorrow in my eyes, i’m trying to punish you

But deep inside, it’s hard for me to let it go

You’ve betrayed me once but I can’t do the same

I’d rather cry like a child than hurt you like a coward

Do what you want to but things are gone too far…

I know you love me but she loves me too and even more

She’s new in my life, she brought smiles and fun

In the same time, you don’t stop knocking me out

Do I have to choice between joy and sadness?

Understand me and let me do my things

Your name ain’t no more on my lips and in my heart

I’m starting a new life where love rules again.

Will you let me leave and live my life or kill me even more?

Everything is blur in my mind because of her

But I knew this day will come, I know better now

I just want to be alone and rest for a while

My former life was so much better,

Who knew love would make me drop so many tears ?

Please, go your way I’ll go mine and we’ll be fine.


( 1 avril, 2011 )


Est ce bien de l’amour, ou une tentation qui ne demande qu’à être transgressée?

Est ce bien la raison qui nous sépare ou le danger qui nous rapproche?

( 1 avril, 2011 )


Tes lèvres me touchent, 

et mon coeur se couche,


Tes mains me frôlent,

et tremble le sol.

( 1 avril, 2011 )


Les jours ne cessent de passer et mon coeur n’a de cesse de t’aimer.

( 1 avril, 2011 )


Depuis ta rencontre tout paraît prendre un sens, je ne sais comment décrire ce sentiment enivrant.

( 1 avril, 2011 )


Pourquoi tes bras m’enlacent ils si ton coeur n’est pas mien?

Pourquoi tes lèvres m’approchent elles alors que la raison te guide?

 Pourquoi tes yeux me suivent ils alors que que tu n’as d’yeux que pour un autre?

Pourquoi je t’écris alors que tu ne me liras jamais?

( 1 avril, 2011 )


La pluie éternelle qui coulait dans mon coeur depuis si longtemps, a laisser place à des éclaircis qui me procurent bien être et joie depuis qu’à la porte de mon coeur, tu as frappé.

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